Products Gallery                                  

1. Deep Freezers Freezers
  •  Deep Freezers are uses to store Ice cream & Frozen Foods at -18°C to -22°C Temprature.
2. Bottle Cooler
  • Bottle cooler is uses to store colddrinks, Juice, Dairy Products.
  • it's available in Customise sizes.
3. Vertical Deep Freezer
  • These can be uses in your Restaurants for store the food, cold drinks & Dairy Products.
  • -It's Capacity is 8°C to -6°C.
4. Glycol Deep Freezer
  • PCMs are the perfect solution for maintain the inside temprature during power cut. It can maintain the temperature about 12hours.
5. Blast Freezer  Ice Cream Hardener
  • When we talk about the Ice cream at that time we should focus on the Maintaining Quality.
  • Quality in the sense the Test, Colour, Fragrance, and Feel. These maintanance of qualities only possible when the freezing process done quickly.
  • Ice cream hardner you can uses in Hotel, Restaurants, Bakery, during Ice cream Hardning Process.
6. Ice candy Plant  & Choco coating Tank
  • It's the Ice cream production Machine using high quality material & advanced technologies which can increase your production of ice candies.
7. Water Cooler
  • We are Leading Manufacturer in Water Cooler with the customisation option.
  • Fully Stainless Steel (SS) Body watercooler having capacity starts from 20 litter.
8. Under Counter
  • Ideal for Storage of premixes and prepare any specific products on it's top.
  • You can use them as your main counters at your icecream shop and you can use at your Restaurants and Hotels too.
9. Mortuary Chamber
  • Modular Design of Mortuary chamber is highly suitable in hospitals, Railways, Airports etc.
  • The Chambers are PUFF insulated with on excellent refrigeration Control.
10. Curd Incubation chamber
  • Incubation, The Standard incubation time is approx 4 hours at 45°C Temperature.
  • Standard cooling time is approx 5 hours and getting chamber temperature 2°C.
11. BMC ( Bulk Milk Chiller )
  • We are offering BMC having capacities from 250 ltr. to 1000 ltr.
  • Which is used to cool Milk at 4°C and Maintain the Freshness of Milk.
12. Milk Can & Cooler (Panjra)
  • With fast Cooling can Directly and washout transferring Milk can contact with water for Saving time with Cooling Cans Directly


13. Water Chiller
  • Water chillers are use in Diamond Manufacturing Machine, Food Processing.
  • It's Main Benefit is having Large Capacity to Cool the Water at Low Power Consumption and Designed for high ambient condition up to 55°C.
14. Ageing vat & Batch Pasteurizer
  • Ageing vat is used to cooldown ice cream mix and maintain temperature at around
15. Cold Storage
  • The Cold Storage Range is Built with Premium Quality range of material in customized Specification to fullfil our Customer Needs.
16. Display Cold Storage
  • The Display Cold Stroages are Suitable for Supermarket for Display Dairy items, Cake & Pastry, Chocolates, Beverages, Fruites, Flowers, Medicines, etc.
17. Counter Products
Bakery Counter Cold Display Counter Fast Food Chat Counter
L shape Display Counter Square Display Counter Tawa Ice Cream Counter